20 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks

Wine nights are the best. From spending time with friends and sharing a couple of glasses of vino while watching the latest episode of American Horror Story this fall, there’s just not a lot that could make the evening better. That is, unless you add crafts into the mix! And what better way to get your creative juices flowing then when you’re drinking your favorite juice?

So, instead of just lounging about with the gang while you sip some red, put those buzzed brains to work on something you can all tackle together: upcycling! When you upcycle wine corks, you get to find a new purpose and reuse for old things, which is perfect when it comes to all those wine corks you’ve had sitting in a see-through jar. But what happens when that jar gets too full and starts overflowing? Stop wasting space and start crafting with upcycled corks! Check out these 19 upcycling ideas that are sure to be a hit with all your wino buds or just when you’re in the mood for getting creative.

1. Tac It Up With A Cork Board

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 1. Tac It Up With A Cork Board Instagram – @jade_boylan

It may sound intimidating, but building a cork board from upcycled wine corks is actually a pretty simple task. Aside from the wine corks, all you need is a little bit of glue and a thin piece of plywood to make the magic happen. Soon you’ll have an upcycled cork board to pin all your recent movie stubs, photo booth favorites, and other items that make you nostalgic.

2. Building A Bath Mat

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 2. Building A Bath MatInstagram – @sarahxsphere

Stepping onto the slick tile floor of your bathroom after a shower or bath is never safe. Instead of risking your life every time you get clean, use an upcycled wine cork mat to protect you! These interesting bath mats add a fun decorative layer to any bathroom, but are also ideal because the texture makes the perfect non-slip surface!

3. Magic With Cork Magnets

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 3. Magic With Cork MagnetsInstagram – @biophilia.addicted.to.nature

It may be a simple project, but hey — is there anything better than an easy project while drinking your favorite bottle of wine? Take a tiny, circular magnet and use a hot glue gun to adhere to the cork. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and voila! You instantly have a cute upcycled gift for any wine connoisseur to cherish.

4. Shoe Solutions

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 4.  Shoe SolutionsInstagram – @queork

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Birkenstocks, then you understand the power of cork shoes. Create your very own with some powerful glue and leather for the straps. You’ll soon discover just how elastic and waterproof this sustainable sandal can be! Over time, this upcycled cork will begin to mold to the shape of your foot, making it completely unique to your step.

5. Weave A Wreath Of Upcycled Corks

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 5. Weave A Wreath Of Upcycled CorksInstagram – @ranycalderon

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to put a festive wreath on your front door. It could be any holiday from the Fourth of July to Halloween – all you need are some painted corks that go with your theme (pastel colors for Easter, etc.) and then you can get to gluing them on your circular wire form. Attach decorative pieces such as a plastic pumpkin for your autumn-inspired wreath to really get in the holiday mindset.

6. Remember With A Keychain

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 6. Remember With A Keychain Instagram – @thewineingtwins

Display your love of wine in an unconventional way: by placing an upcycled cork on your keychain. It’s an easy craft and only takes a couple of minutes to do! Plus, if there is a specific wine night that stole your heart, you can always carry the memory of that time with the wine cork popped from that night.

7. Fix Your Old Photo Frame

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 7. Fix Your Old Photo FrameInstagram – @kvkbcorked

Sometimes stored picture frames can get a bit scuffed after being stuffed away for years. If that happens, don’t toss it just because it looks rough, keep it and glue wine corks to the frame! This instantly classes up your old frame and makes it new once again. Any wine consumer will want one of these bad boys in their home.

8. Decorate With Wall Decor

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 8. Decorate With Wall DecorInstagram – @kvkbcorked

Most people love gifts with their names on them, and your wino friends are no exception. Give them the first letter of their first or last name covered in wine corks to display on their wall. Or even better, make one for yourself! Place this wall decor where you like to drink wine the most and admire all your hard work.

9. Office Chic With Pencil Holders

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 9. Office Chic With Pencil HoldersInstagram – @caregrant

Spruce up your office with some sophisticated and creative vibes by forming a homemade pencil holder! Make yours completely from wine corks in a box-like shape to keep all your pens and pencils together. The organization is sure to make you smile, especially every time you reach for a writing utensil.

10. Stamp With Corks

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 10. Stamp With CorksInstagram – @thesweetestfern

Creating a stamp sounds like hard work, but it actually only takes a little carving into your cork to make it happen. Start your first stamp with an easy image in mind. Try something like a crescent moon or a redwood tree and carve out the shape into the upcycled cork so the desired image protrudes. Dip it in ink and start stamping all your envelopes with it!

11. Protect Your Table With A Trivet

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 11. Protect Your Table With A TrivetPinterest – @cleverp

Place your hot bowls, trays, mugs, plates, and more onto a functional trivet made entirely of corks. Cork handles very hot and cold temperatures extremely well and is the perfect material for protecting your sensitive tables and countertops from the scorching cookware you’ve just pulled out of the oven.

12. Create Coasters

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 12. Create CoastersInstagram – @hildi_creations

Just like with trivets, coasters are great for protecting your table from wear and tear. Also, these fun little upcycled projects make fantastic birthday and Christmas gifts, especially for that special wine drinker in your family. But, be careful! You might not want to let them go after you get finished making a set!

13. Make Memories With Christmas Ornament

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 13.  Make Memories With Christmas OrnamentInstagram – @ladana_diamond

Just moved into a new home and want to capture the moment in a unique way? Celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and turn its cork into a Christmas ornament! With a little paint or permanent marker, add the year and what you’re commemorating to remind you every year in December about this beautiful time.

14. Creative Business Card Holder

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 14. Creative Business Card HolderPinterest – @cleverp

This may be the easiest craft on the list! Keep your cork horizontal and slice it long ways down the middle, making sure to not cut it completely in half. If you’re a business owner, place your business cards in the crevice to make a fun display for anyone stopping by your shop.

15. Spruce Up With Unique Knobs

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 15. Spruce Up With Unique KnobsInstagram – @di_mi_ko

Whether you’re looking for a small change in your bedroom or in another room in your house, replacing the knobs on your drawers and cabinets with corks can really update the place. Champagne corks tend to be larger than wine corks, so using them will be easier to grasp when opening the cabinetry.

16. How To Make Jewelry

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 16. How To Make JewelryInstagram – @couturecorketc

From rings to necklaces, earrings and more, you’ll find that creating wine cork jewelry is almost as fun as wearing wine cork jewelry. You’ll not only look stylish, but you’ll also look completely one-of-a-kind in these upcycled jewelry pieces. Get creative with your jewelry by painting designs on the cork or spray painting them all one color!

17. Wedding Messages

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 17. Wedding Messages Instagram – @b_lee29

When prepping for your wedding, it’s always a good idea to plan a guestbook for your friends and family to sign as they arrive. Instead of sticking to tradition, spice up that idea with wine cork messages!

Have a bowl of wine corks on one side and a large empty cylindrical vase on the other with a sign asking each guest to sign the corks with a message to the bride and groom. Once they’re done writing, they’ll drop the corks in the vase, helping you create an incredible memory for years to come.

18. Heel Stoppers For The Heel Lovers

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 18. Heel Stoppers For The Heel LoversPinterest – @melarouche82

Grass and mud is no friend to a lady in heels. Unfortunately, so many bridesmaids have to walk through this terrain in heels, most likely awkwardly getting stuck while trying to keep it together in front of the wedding guests. Luckily, you can now upcycle wine corks in a way that will help you walk through the grass without tripping all over yourself. Just cut one cork in half and twist onto the heel of your shoes for a little peace and balance.

19. Wall World Map For The Travelers

19 Ways To Upcycle Your Leftover Wine Corks - 19. Wall World Map For The TravelersInstagram – @divertimentosviajeros

If you like to travel, then you are already ambitious and probably won’t be fazed by this project. Get ready to create an entire world map on your wall from wine corks that way you can tac every place you’ve visited in the world! Make it easy for yourself by outlining the world map in pencil first so all you have to do is fill it in with lots and lots of wine corks!

Drinking wine is a lot of fun, but drinking wine while you upcycle wine corks is even better. So, next time you’re about to throw out the wine cork from the bottle you just opened, be sure to hold onto it. It’s a chance for you to be eco-conscious while creating some cool items along the way!