20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands

Iconic villains are hard to come by in the age of the comic book film. Every great film needs an iconic villain that is on par with the film’s protagonist. The type of villains who challenge the audience and make us question who we should root for. With the release of 2018’s Venom and 2019’s Joker, heroes are no longer the only ones getting their own film. Iconic villains add to a franchise’s shelf life. These bad boys, girls, robots and creatures are iconic villains in their own right. Deranged, psychotic, envious, or just plain evil, these antagonists have stood the test of time. These villains aren’t just limited to superhero films or comic books. Instead, this list is broad and diverse for any and every film lover. Off the heels of Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Joker/Arthur Fleck, here are 20 desired villain movies the public must have.

1. Loki The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 1. Loki The MovieParamount Pictures

Everyone’s favorite God of Mischief has a Disney+ series scheduled for a Spring 2021 release. Loki’s self-titled show will pick up right after the events of Endgame. Thor’s villainous brother has enough fan interest and character development for a two-hour film of his own. If the show proves to be a success, it will not be too long before we see Odin’s adopted son in an MCU film of his own.

2. Hela The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 2. Hela The MovieParamount Pictures

The Goddess of Death is another Asgardian who deserves her own film set inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hela is the strongest female villain to appear in the MCU so far and a prequel that follows the events that led to her banishment would be interesting. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios should start preparing the Biforst because they are sitting on a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.

3. Thanos The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 3. Thanos The MovieSideshow

Infinity War and Endgame were cinematic achievements that had never been made before, but fans are clamoring for more of the Mad Titan. A Thanos film that takes place long before he had his eyes set on attacking Earth or collecting all six of the Infinity Stones. The destruction and devastation after the supervillain and his troops ravaged through planets would be one of the goriest films on this list. He tops the list of the MCU’s most iconic villains

4. Jafar The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 4. Jafar The MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

After Aladdin got its long-awaited live-action adaptation earlier this year, it’s only right that the film’s villain gets his own spinoff film. A fresh spin on The Return of Jafar would see a thief free Jafar and the pair would perform nefarious acts against the people of Agrabah. Darker in tone, but a solo Jafar film is something that could extend the Aladdin universe.

5. Ursula The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 5. Ursula The MovieBuena Vista Pictures

Another Disney villain who could pull a Maleficent with a proper live-action origin adaptation is Ursula. The sea witch from The Little Mermaid is one of Disney’s greatest and most iconic villains ever. A story that does a deep-sea dive into her background would be fun to watch. A younger Ursula could’ve made waves by cursing an unlucky mermaid before meeting her demise.

6. Scar The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 6. Scar The MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“You wanna know how I got these scars,” — wait wrong film, but the same sentiments apply. A cub plotting on his father’s throne would be something different for The Lion King franchise. Young Scar trying to rid the lion’s den of Mufasa and their father unbeknownst to them. Iconic villains like Scar always let their jealousy get the best of the.

7. The Riddler The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 7. The Riddler The MovieWarner Bros. Television Distribution

With Joker finally getting his own movie, it’s time for some of Batman’s other villains to get the Bat Signal shined on them. Riddler and his love for puzzles, riddles and traps could be an intellectual Saw-like film. A deranged man terrorizing the citizens of Gotham City could create a suspenseful experience. Gotham is the perfect city for iconic villains to reign supreme.

8. Penguin The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 8. Penguin The MovieWarner Bros.

Dappered up in his tuxedo, top hat and monocle, Gotham City’s resident Gentleman of Crime in a solo film noir. Documenting his rise to power in black and white fashion. In all of his obese glory, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot origin story would be a stark contrast to The Dark Knight. Fun fact: The Penguin was inspired by the mascot of Kool cigarettes, a penguin with a top hat and cane.

9. Poison Ivy The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 9. Poison Ivy The MovieWarner Bros.

Another Batman foe who hasn’t got the proper treatment on the big screen is Poison Ivy. With climate change becoming a larger real-life concern each day, Poison Ivy is the most topical villain. An environmentalist who wants to save the planet but goes about it in ways that would make the Joker side eye.

10. Kingpin The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 10. Kingpin The MovieNetflix

The perfect character to introduce a crime film into the MCU is Wilson Fisk. Fisk runs the streets of New York and a film that focuses on this villain’s rise from bodyguard to mob boss would be a first for comic book films. For instance, Kingpin wreaking havoc in New York would be one way to bring The Punisher, Spider-Man and Daredevil together.

11. Dr. Doom The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 11. Dr. Doom The MovieDr. Doom Raphael Albuquerque

Victor Von Doom has been doomed by his silver screen portrayals throughout the years. Marvel’s first family and their biggest threat has not yet been introduced to the MCU. Dr. Doom’s story alone would make for a menacing solo film. Hopefully, Marvel Studios will take better care of Doom than what Fox did.

12. Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 12. Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd The MovieSaban International

Name a more iconic duo than the two villains of the Power Rangers. Like other iconic villains on this list, Rita and Lord Zedd dominated many other planets but not Earth. A reimagining of the pair as they go to other planets with their infamous foot soldiers and pull off a victory would be… mighty morphin.

13. Man-Spider The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 13. Man-Spider The MovieGeek Native

Technically, this one isn’t an iconic villain, but a hero gone mad. Spider-Man’s mutation gone haywire is the perfect setup for a horror film. The werewolf trope is probably the closest thing that we have to Man-Spider but silver bullets aren’t going to stop the web-slinger. A Man-Spider film will add a layer to Peter Parker as he comes to terms with the carnage he caused during his transformation.

14. The Lizard The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 14. The Lizard The MovieSony Pictures Releasing

Another Spider-Man villain on the list and the original Florida Man is Army veteran turned Lizard, Dr. Curt Connors. A film set in the Sunshine State that follows Dr. Connors as he tries to regrow his arm while dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s side effects. A horror fantasy mixed with a touch of medical drama would make The Lizard film a cold-blooded venture.

15. Kraven the Hunter The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 15. Kraven the Hunter The MovieFilm School Rejects

Of everyone on this list, Kraven the Hunter is the one villain who has the most potential for an action thriller franchise. Multiple Marvel heroes have stepped inside Kraven’s Serengeti for better or for worse. NatGeo doesn’t have anything on Kraven hunting his prey without any of the good guys meddling.

16. Megatron The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 16. Megatron The MovieSideshow

The leader of the Decepticons was another low-level worker who rose to the top of the ranks. With the success of Bumblebee, more spin-offs about robots in disguise from Cybertron are bound to happen. A Megatron movie would make it all spark for the highly-successful toy line/media franchise for the next generation.

17. Carnage The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 17. Carnage The MovieGeekTyrant

If Joker made headlines because of its disturbing content and subject matter, then Carnage in a solo film would never get released. Carnage aka Cletus Kasady is a character that was inspired by the Joker, therefore he’s a homicidal sociopathic serial killer who would leave audiences terrified and severely frightened.

18. Darth Maul The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 18. Darth Maul The MoviePinterest – @ArtStation_HQ

Since his debut in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul has reached a status shared by other iconic villains. As a result of his status, Maul captivated audiences with his devilish look, 10 horns and dual-bladed lightsaber. His return in Solo: A Star Wars Story left theaters across the world ecstatic. Hopefully, one day there’s a film that explains what happened to Maul after he fell down the shaft.

19. Darth Vader The Movie

20 Desired Villain Movies The Public Demands - 19. Darth Vader The MovieILMxLab

Cannot discuss a galaxy far, far away or the most iconic villains in cinema without Darth Vader. Thanks to six films we know why and how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, but audiences want more Vader. Darth Vader is the perfect villain for a sci-fi slasher type of film. Imagine everyone’s goosebumps after watching a tense and suspenseful two-hour film that is epic as Vader’s scene in Rogue One.