20 Best Breakup Films You Should See

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See

Want to feel better after your breakup? Watch some of the best breakup films to ease your pain. You can start by watching The War of the Roses. The movie tells the story of Barbara and Oliver. She’s a headstrong gymnast, and he’s an affable law student. Despite their differences, they wed and settle into married life. Over time, their idyllic marriage erodes into a hotbed of toxicity. Although this dark comedy is an epic tale of love gone horribly wrong, Hollywood has also served up other salacious breakup fare. But after 90 minutes of this masterpiece you might want to see more movies.

Here is the list of the best breakup films you have to watch immediately after the breakup!

1. Closer

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 1. CloserColumbia Pictures

Dan (Jude Law) and Alice (Natalie Portman) meet and fall in love on the streets of London. A year later, Dan meets Anna (Julia Roberts) at a photo shoot. Months later, Anna becomes acquainted with Larry (Clive Owen) as part of a prank that Dan has set into motion. This leads to Larry eventually meeting Alice at a party thrown by Anna and becoming smitten with her. Closer is a dark and unflinching look at modern romance, infidelity, and breakups. Watch this one if: your relationship was riddled with lies, or if you want pointers on sticking it to a cheating ex.

2. Waiting to Exhale

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 2. Waiting to Exhale20th Century Fox

It’s not a great day for Bernadine. She learns that her husband has been having an affair and is leaving her for a woman he met at work. Bernadine has built her identity around her marriage, and doesn’t take the news very well. Thankfully, she’s got a squad of amazing girlfriends who are there to help her pick up the pieces and show her that her heart will go on. Watch this one if: you feel like no one else can understand the pain you feel.

3. Heathers

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 3. HeathersNew World Pictures

Hell hath no fury like teen girl scorned. Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) has had it up to here with her jock-obsessed high school, and the pack of mean girls she calls her friends. When the handsome and mysterious J.D. (Christian Slater) rolls into town, Veronica quickly takes notice and starts datiing him. After all, he’s a welcome diversion from everyone she’s known thus far. That is, until J.D. starts to exhibit some surprisingly violent tendencies towards her friends and eventually Veronica, herself. Now Veronica has to figure out how to restore order to her high school and put a stop to J.D. before it’s too late. Watch this one if: your friends and family warned you about that bad boy or girl, but you didn’t listen.

4. Working Girl

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 4. Working Girl20th Century Fox

For some, a breakup can be a hindrance, but for secretary Tess (Melanie Griffith), it’s the catalyst to achieving her dreams. Tess returns home from work to find her hunky Staten Island lover (Alec Baldwin) getting hot and heavy with another girl from the neighborhood. Heartbroken, she retreats to the Manhattan home of her boss Katharine (Sigourney Weaver) who is away on vacation. Tess, by chance, discovers that Katharine has also betrayed her by stealing one of her work ideas. Tess has to make some major changes in life. She brokers the stolen deal with Jack, a sexy Wall Street bachelor (played by Harrison Ford). The two end up in a whirlwind romance, until Katharine gets wind of Tess’s plans. Watch this one if: you need the strength to move on from someone holding you back.

5. Plus One

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 5. Plus OneRLJE Films

Ben (Jack Quaid) and Alice (Maya Erskine) are best buds who make a pact to accompany each other to their respective friends’ weddings. They act as “wingman” for each other, chatting each other up to prospective romantic partners. That is, until they wind up falling for each other. However, Ben and Alice soon learn that even their foundation as friends can’t fix their hangups and insecurities as lovers. Watch this one if: you’ve turned a friendship into a romance…and it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted.

6. My Own Private Idaho

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 6. My Own Private IdahoFine Line Features

Mike and Scott (River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves) are gay street hustlers who are as close as brothers. Mike’s quest is to find the mother who abandoned him while Scott will do anything to run away from his father’s legacy. Watch this one if: you’ve ever broken off a friendship, or drifted apart from your best buddy.

7. The Brothers Bloom

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 7. The Brothers BloomSummit Entertainment

Stephen and Bloom’s breakup happens years after they are orphaned are orphaned brothers who learn, as children, the art of grifting. As adults, their con-man ways take a turn when Bloom (Adrien Brody) falls for their latest mark, an heiress named Penelope (played by Rachel Weiss). Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) must decide if the con is more important than his relationship with his love-struck brother. Bloom must choose if he’s going to put bros before, well…you know. Watch this one if: you’ve ever felt that friends or family have kept you from living happily ever after.

8. Judy

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 8. JudyLD Entertainment

Judy Garland wasn’t just a cultural icon; she was a single mother and divorcee trying to make the best of a well-publicized reversal of fortune. In Judy, Rene Zellwegger brings the doyenne of stage and screen to life by showcasing her stressful attempts at co-parenting with ex-husband Syd Luft (played by Rufus Sewell). Watch this one if: you’ve discovered that you can’t have it all and misery loves company.

9. Notting Hill

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 9. Notting HillUniversal Pictures

Elegant onscreen legend Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) has a meet-cute with everyday bloke William Thacker (Hugh Grant) on the streets of Notting Hill in England. These two unlikely lovers soon find themselves falling for each other through a series of mishaps that stand to unravel Anna’s career. Undaunted, Anna realizes her love for William and appeals to him with the classic line, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Despite their time apart, this film will give the newly broken-up a glimmer of hope. Watch this one if: you’ve ever dated or dumped your celebrity crush.

10. Brokeback Mountain

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 10. Brokeback MountainFocus Features

Jack and Ennis (Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal) are two sad and lonely cowboys hired to herd sheep on Brokeback Mountain. While on assignment, these fellows fall in love (and into bed!) with one another. This leads to a decades-long love story filled with ups and downs, as well as two failed marriages with their respective spouses played by Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway. Jack and Ennis always make time for each other, but years of separation and living in the closet have pushed their relationship to the breaking point. Watch this one if: you and your soul mate just couldn’t get the timing right.

11. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 11. Forgetting Sarah MarshallUniversal Pictures

Sometimes a breakup can come out of nowhere. That’s what happens when Peter (Jason Segel) gets dumped by famous television actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). Peter nurses his heart at a resort in Hawaii, only to find that Sarah is there with her new beau — a smarmy rock star named Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand). Sarah, Aldous, and Peter find themselves in a hilarious love triangle until Peter meets and falls for a beautiful and supportive concierge named ________ (Mila Kunis). She endured her own breakup on the island long before meeting Peter, so she guides him through his heartbreak with compassion. Watch this one if: you can’t afford to hop on a plane to escape the memory of your ex, but you want to feel like you could.

12. The Breakup

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 12. The BreakupUniversal Pictures

Brooke and Gary seem to be the couple that has it all. But tension in their relationship forces it to fall apart. Instead of consciously uncoupling, they fight over who gets to keep their home, and soon, everything else under the sun. Gary and Brooke have a huge fight at the end of the movie, treating audiences to the truth behind their breakup. Watch this one if: you need closure.

13. The Other Woman

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 13. The Other Woman20th Century Fox

Carly has landed herself a sexy match who ticks all the boxes. Mark (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is her equal in every way. He’s also a married man with a serious addiction to cheating. Carly finds out when she inadvertantly meets his wife Kate. Instead of attacking each other, the ladies strike up a friendship, and enlist Mark’s third mistress Amber (Kate Upton) to help win their revenge. Watch this one if: you refuse to let that cheating ex get away with what they did to you.

14. Legally Blonde

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 14. Legally BlondeMGM Distribution Co.

Have you ever given so much of yourself in a relationship, that your identity revolved around the other person? This is the problem plaguing Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon). Her boyfriend Warner Huntington III dumps her for icy socialite Vivian then heads East –newly engaged –to attend Harvard law school. Elle decides she must win back her love by enrolling in Harvard as well. Elle soon learns that Warner isn’t worth all the trouble, setting her sights, instead, on a hunky T.A. named Emmett (Luke Wilson). Watch this one if: you need to feel empowered, post-breakup.

15. Prime

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 15. PrimeUniversal Pictures

Ah, the folly of youth! Thirtysomething Raffaela (Uma Thurman) falls hard for 23-year-old starving artist, David (Bryan Greenberg). Fresh from a painful divorce, the fling is exactly what Rafi needs. At least, according to her psychiatrist (Meryl Streep). However, the relationship is soon turned upside down when Rafi learns that her therapist is actually David’s overprotective, disapproving mother. What to do? Why, break up, of course. These Manhattanites flow in and out of each other’s lives in this delightful urban comedy. Watch this one if: your May/December romance is a ghost that still haunts you.

16. Like Water for Chocolate

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 16. Like Water for ChocolateMiramax

Tita’s strict mother forces her to breakup with her boyfriend. She sits back, helpless as he marries her sister and starts a family. For years, Tita endures sadness and loneliness, but learns to channel her pain through cooking. This lush, romantic epic is set against a backdrop of early 20th century Mexico, and spans several generations until finally Tita is reunited with her long-lost love. Watch this one if: you think that it’s too late to win back the one who got away.

17. Fatal Attraction

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 17. Fatal AttractionParamount Pictures

How do you break up with someone who refuses to take no for an answer? That’s what happens to Dan (Michael Douglas) when he has an affair with Alex (Glenn Close), who just can’t let go of their passionate tryst. What’s more, Dan is married, and Alex stands to unravel his comfy domestic life. Through a series of scary encounters and one unfortunate kitchen mishap, Alex soon makes her presence known in other areas of her paramore’s life with deadly consequences. Watch this one if: you’re mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.

18. How to Be Single

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 18. How to Be SingleWarner Bros. Pictures

Hide your kids. Hide your wife, because EVERYBODY’S breaking up in this rom-com. Recent college grad Alice (Dakota Johnson) moves to Manhattan. She convinces her college love Josh (Nicholas Braun) to do a trial breakup so they can both grow as individuals. Alice realizes the single life may not be for her, but by then, Josh has already moved on. Now Alice must navigate being single in New York City’s rough dating scene, as her story intersects with other tales of love lost and found in this ensemble film. Watch this one if: you’re a recent college grad, a frustrated big-city dweller.

19. The American President

20 Best Breakup Films You Should See - 19. The American PresidentSony Pictures Releasing

Sydney Ellen Wade (Annette Bening) is a no-nonsense D.C. lobbyist. While working on a piece of legislation, Sydney meets and attracts the interest of the President (Michael Douglas). The relationship is jeopardized by an ambitious presidential foe (Richard Dreyfus) who uses rumors to try to breakup Sydney and the President. Watch this one if: you’ve ever had a romance undermined by the rumor mill.